Trouble Maker benefits

Your Problems, Our Priority

Trouble Maker has skilled people with experience, so you just show up with your idea and we have a fully equipped lab and co-working space.

Conference Rooms

Large and spacious meeting rooms with state of the art technology with space for up to 30 people.

High Speed Internet

High speed internet connection and wifi that doesn’t suck. Great coverage across all rooms and outdoor area.

Tea & Coffee

Free purified water and cheap drinks from our full service coffee bar. Everything from a quick morning espresso to a cold ice coffee to quench...

Events Space

Big event space with room for up 150 people with the ability to cater food and drinks. Including projects and sound system it’s located on...

Lectures & Workshops

Join our lectures, meet ups and workshops held by some of the best makers in the world. Get to know new people, network and connect with...


Get all access to our manufacturing partners and their state of the art equipment, partners and processes.

about us

We super charge your maker powers by solving your troubles.

As fellow makers we started Trouble Maker to help others overcome manufacturing and design problems faster. As a Troublemaker member you get access to all our partners and a fully equipped mini manufacturing line and laboratory.
membership types
Hot Desk
Join the Trouble Makers weekly hot desk. Perfect for short term visits to Shenzhen. You get access to a desk, both labs and you can use the conference rooms for your meetings.
Plan A
Per desk. Per Month
Enjoy the comfort of your own desk every day and access to our fully equipped photo studio, to both labs with everything you need to prototype and to our production line.
Plan B
Per Team, Per Month
Hardware is hard. Your team can have a soft landing in Shenzhen with high quality support, customized to your needs. Plan B includes a full 10 hours of team coaching!
See for your self and meet the community today

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…..and Level Up Yourself

As a Troublemaker member you’ll get access to workshops in everything from manufacturing, CNC milling, 3D printing, PCB design, soldering and software development. Guaranteed to level yourself up in no time.
Find us fast

Located smack in the middle of the action

Take the metro to Huaqiang Road or Huaqiang North Road. Go through the A exit, walk down Huaqiang Road and enter between the Oppo and Lenovo store. You will see the International Maker Center logo over the door. Take the elevator to the 7th Floor and you are there.