Welcome to TroubleMaker!

You are a Maker, Tinkerer, Inventor, Product Developer, Engineer, Designer, Investor, Packaging Designer or anything else related to Hardware Product Development and Production.

TroubleMaker is the community of like-minded people that is located right smack in the middle of Huaqiangbei, the world’s largest electronics and components market!

You and TroubleMaker are a match made in heaven.

TroubleMaker was closed for a while due to the Coronavirus situation, but Huaqiangbei is BUZZING again and members are back in the labs. If you live in China, you can come visit. Just contact us to make an appointment.

Why TroubleMaker?

While looking around for a makerspace in Shenzhen, co-founder Henk Werner noticed there was basically no such thing as a real makerspace with labs, machines, tools and a qualified and active community of people that could help him with guidance and information on how to bring his product to life.

In July 2016, TroubleMaker officially opened the doors and since then we have received over 16,000 people. Several thousand have been helped with advice and referrals and several hundred stayed as a member.

TroubleMaker offers a physical makerspace right in the middle of the world’s largest electronics market and personalized guidance to people who want to produce their hardware product in China. From introducing industrial designers to referrals to component manufacturers and from help with engineering to training on how to protect your Intellectual Property.

About TroubleMaker Huaqiangbei

TroubleMaker is a lively community of Hardware Product Developers with a main physical location in Shenzhen, Huaqiangbei.

TroubleMaker Huaqiangbei is where you want to be when you’re developing a hardware product in Shenzhen. Three fully equipped labs with tools and machines for mechanical and electronic engineering are 24 hours a day available, and an air-conditioned co-work space with in-house engineers, fast internet, free water, coffee and tea and more.

And this is all included for a fixed fee membership of 2,400 RMB per month!


Cool moments at TroubleMaker


Find your way in China without language barriers!

Have you ever tried to move through China without understanding the language? Well, I have. And I have tried every available maps app to try to make sense of direction, means of transportation and nearby facilities. Nothing worked for me, until…

I found LingoMap!

LingoMap is a map app for foreigners who cannot read Chinese to use in China. It shows place, transit route, and street names in the original Chinese, Mandarin Pinyin, and English. 😀

Download LingoMap

Are you replacing an older version of LingoMap with this newest version? Make sure to FIRST screenshot your “Saved Places” because they could get lost during the update. Best is to not uninstall the old version, because your Saved Places will definitely get lost this way. Just install the new version over the old version. If you run the latest version of Android, your Saved Places should stay intact.

Google Play

We strongly recommend installing the app through the Play Store, so you can get automatic updates.

  1. Click the Google Play button to visit the Play Store
  2. Install LingoMap on your phone

Download a zip file with the apk inside

If you don’t have access to Google Play, you can download the zip file with the APK here. You may need to download another app first with which you can unzip the zip file.

Installation instructions

  1. Click the logo to download the zip file
  2. Un-zip the file and open the folder
  3. If you did step 1 and 2 on your computer, transfer the APK file to your Android phone
  4. Install the APK file manually on your phone (you may need to toggle a switch in the Settings to allow the installation of “Unknown sources”

Download a .tiff file and rename it to .apk

If you don’t have access to Google Play and you are unable to unzip a zip file, then you can download the APK here with a trick.

Installation instructions

  1. Click the LingoMap logo to download a file called LingoMap.tiff
  2. Find the file in your File Manager
  3. Rename the file extension file from .tiff to .apk
  4. Install the APK file manually on your phone

Some browsers may block this download if they check the file and recognize it is not really a tiff file.

Last option: Download the APK directly

Dropbox logo

If you don’t have access to Google Play and you are unable to unzip a zip file, and the .tiff file gets blocked by your browser, then you can try to download the APK from Dropbox.

Installation instructions

  1. Click the Dropbox logo to download the APK file
  2. Find the file in your File Manager
  3. Install the APK file manually on your phone


  • Have fun
  • Behave like a TroubleMaker
  • And live without regret!