Unidentified Acts of Design: The Aviators/DJI

Unidentified Acts of Design is an exhibition and series of eight films made for the 2015 Shenzhen Urbanism\Architecture Biennale. The films explore different places in the Pearl River Delta where design is taking on new forms and meaning, with a focus on the people at the forefront of these changes.

DJI is the world’s largest domestic drone manufacturer. Founded by Tao (Frank) Wang in 2006 and based in Shenzhen, it has been widely credited with opening up the market for drones to a mass audience. By designing an affordable easy-to-use interface, users require little training to operate a DJI drone. While their drones have been used primarily for aerial photography, their recently released Software Development Kit means that new applications for their drones can be developed in fields such as 3D mapping, firefighting, search and rescue, and agriculture.

Find out more about Unidentified Acts of Design and the V&A’s work in China vam.ac.uk/shekou

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