Watch the replay of the launch event of 6 August

Monthly Pay As You Go

On Tuesday the 6th of August, the TroubleMaker team has officially launched the NEW membership model to the world.

After more than 6 months interviewing people, we got crystal clear what product developers need from Shenzhen, China. Watch the replay of the introduction to discover how TroubleMakers enables product developers to succeed with safe development of hardware products in China.


Troublemakers Episode 2: Nicolas Carli

The first time Nicolas set foot in a production line he was all of 18 years old, and in a way he’s never really left. A life-long interest in science and engineering landed him a job in front lines of a French car plant straight out of high school. Naturally curious and a problem-solver, Nico took quickly to this new environment and set about understanding how things worked, and what didn’t. Two decades later he hasn’t stopped. His path naturally led him to China, where he is one of TroubleMaker’s regular . Here his experience and natural aptitude for problem-solving have served him well.

Nicolas Carli – Product Development Manager extraordinaire.
A new device is born

From experience, Nico is the kind of guy that hears you mention a product idea in passing, and a couple of days later rather casually points you to a viable solution while you are still doing basic research. Sometimes suggesting minor design changes or component substitutes that cut costs when you weren’t even thinking about yet. Get a prototype to production on time and save the Q4 budget as casually as he’ll order a cup of coffee. Nico is that rare commodity; a product development manager with ample China experience and broad-scoped technical expertise.

Such skills being in high demand in Shenzhen, Nicolas keeps a busy schedule. He’ll develop about 5 concurrent products every month. Last year was especially busy, he estimated he carried over 100 products to completion in 2018. And if you’ve read this far, here’s today’s Code: TM1337. Enter the field into your campaign page for an extra 10 points towards your total score and get that much closer to winning amazing discounts! As one of TroubleMaker’s gurus, Nico will host regular Q&A’s and can help your project navigate the jungle of international manufacturing.