Trouble Maker 4 Education Benefits

Your Robot, Our Expertise

Trouble Maker 4 Education trainers are skilled engineers with experience. Your robot dreams comes true at trouble Maker !

Professional English

Almost effortless learning to speak and understand professional English. Trouble Maker 4 Education courses are in English with Mandarin support to...

Multi disciplinary

Design your own… robot is a theme based course and includes capacities such as Design thinking, Structural engineering, Electronic...

Get additional materials

Designing and building a robot is hard work. The course is designed to finish most of the robot projects on time. Additional materials are...

Bring your robot home

After study and hard work we are all proud about the realized results. Therefore every student can bring their robot home for further study and...

Qualified engineers

Trouble Maker 4 Education invests in qualified engineers as instructors of the courses. This way Trouble Maker 4 Education invests in the...

The creative mind

Our trainers are professionals and stimulate solution based creative thinking. In the group, new ideas and concept solutions will be rewarded with...

about us

The logical next step in education

Trouble Maker is an open platform for people that want to prototype, manufacture and bring products to market. Trouble Maker provides co-working space with laboratories and makes a difference by providing qualified engineers and a network of suppliers, manufacturers and investors.
Trouble Maker Shenzhen is based at a luxurious roof top garden on the 7th floor of Huaqiang Square. It’s a safe, beautiful and peaceful environment. We call it our “Garden of Eden”.

Trouble Maker 4 Education is the logical next step of a growing maker organization.

We offer software, hardware, design, engineering and arts training for different age groups and from different perspectives.

The thing that all courses have in common is that they are all related to “Making” and that they are provided with the same level of professionalism as our other services.

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Team brainstrorming

Expert review

Expert review

Serious work

Serious work

Break time

Break time


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Get your own full robot kit with everything you need to build your own robot and change it as many times as you want !
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Enroll now and become the next generation robot engineer. Get trained by designers and engineers go home with your own robot !
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Need lab access and production tools? We got everything from CNC to 3D-printers and from soldering stations to oscilloscopes.

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The heart of Futian is where robots are created

Take the metro to Huaqiang Road or Huaqiang North Road. Go through the A exit, walk down Huaqiang Road and enter between the Oppo and Lenovo store.
You will see the International Maker Center logo over the door. Take the elevator to the 7th Floor and you are there.