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It is time to reboot TroubleMaker Huaqiangbei!

You asked: “Is TroubleMaker back in Huaqiangbei?”.

Let’s make this happen together!

  • We have found the perfect location
  • We have negotiated great lease terms
  • We have devised a sustainable business plan

Now we need your support

The TroubleMaker Board Members have moved mountains of work to get to where we are now.

We have discussed every option we could think of, made our assumptions, and validated our ideas.

There is one last step we need to take before we can reopen our new state-of-the-art lab in Huaqiangbei:

We need enough funds in the bank. 😃


How can you help?

Please help us by spreading the word.

We are preparing a small crowdfunding campaign.

We have lined-up crazy good perks with high discounts and extra bonuses.

But let us first share more good news. 😊


Let’s do this together. Because many hands make light work.

Before we launch the campaign, we are handing out 88 prizes to those who help share the news!

The value of the prizes range from RMB 50 to RMB 30,020 each, with a total value of up to RMB 280,660!


This is what you can do to stand a chance of winning one of the 88 prizes

  1. Scroll down and see what you can win
  2. Read the Contest Rules
  3. Sign up for the Contest – it’s free
  4. Share the news to everyone in your network

It is that simple

Go ahead and sign up now.

We will share a cheat sheet with tips and tricks on how to drastically improve your chances of winning in one of the first emails. 😉

Good luck!

The TroubleMaker Board Members
Dennis, Henk, Michael, Nigel, Nik, Paul, Shahrear, and Torrey


What can you win?

Prize 1

RMB 10,000

Prize 1 description