Power is a team with spirit

These are the the people that make things happen at Trouble Maker!
The Boss
Henk is being described as a good mentor, communicator and a multi-talented professional. From complex and custom made LED display installations to Fire Fighting solutions and from Self-Help Testers to the most easy to use Security Camera products, Henk has always successfully guided each project from first inquiry to final delivery at client’s office.
Industrial Designer
Anton is born in Ukraine and now he lives in Shenzhen. He has a passion for aesthetic design and is capable of working with all available 3D design packages. When it comes to training 3D design to kids he prefers to work with Fusion360. This package works very fast, elegant and intiutive. We are pleased to have Anton as design trainer.
Maker expert
Since his arrival in China, Luke has been responsible for the educational programs of several companies for which he often had to develop the curricula. He masters in metal work, 3D printing and robotics. He has managed a full maker space for over a year and excels in operating and maintaining maker equipment. As British citizen, his native English is excellent and he speaks fluent Mandarin. Luke starts off at trouble Maker as trainer and we foresee a strong and long lasting partnership with him.
Software engineer
Kevin is a USA citizen, living in China for over 17 years He also has 20 years experience training American kids summercamps with LEGO Mindstorms. Kevin is a true Python evangelist and we are pleased that we can have him as our Python coding trainer.
Software engineer
Upon receiving his diploma on software engineering James realized his heart is actually in hardware. So he moved to Shenzhen, the hardware startup capital of the world. James lives in Shenzhen now more than a year and makes his living with teaching. Arduino project:
Electronic engineer
From scratch till top! Got his education in biology, but here his hobby - electronics, exploded in highest level. Programing, soldering, manufacturing of microchips - you name it.
Marketing / Video
Marketing - for some of us it is a mystique word, but He got it all together. Having industrial engineering background helps to understand product deeper and hit the market at its bullseye. LINK TO PORTFOLIO