TroubleMaker launches global E-membership solution for hardware developers

TroubleMaker is a community of hardware developers, engineers and supply chain managers in Shenzhen China. They help people who are developing products with realizing their goals by providing useful and actionable information, referrals and engineering services.

For the first time, you can tap into Shenzhen’s fertile hardware ecosystem from anywhere in the world! Access our community and get your ideas from prototyping to production line at world-beating speeds. Until recently, people had to physically come to China to become a TroubleMaker. From now on, everyone worldwide can sign-up and have direct access to all the knowledge and services of TroubleMaker from the comfort of their own chair.

E-membership is for start-ups and individuals that are currently not in China but want to tap into the valuable manufacturing and hardware development expertise of TroubleMaker’s community of engineers and makers. TroubleMaker e-membership includes the following:

  • Access decades of production and design experience in the “Silicon Valley of hardware”. Daily live Q&A sessions with engineers, designers, and developers with hands-on experience in China. These sessions are recorded and accessible for members to listen back on demand.
  • Wikifactory Pro account: Wikifactory is a revolutionary hardware development platform that significantly improves productivity for hardware developers the way how Github does this for software developers.
  • Mail order consolidation: Instead of paying 10 times shipping cost for 10 separate product samples from China, TroubleMaker can consolidate your shipments and then forward them to you. This service alone can save an active hardware developer hundreds of Dollars per month in shipping fees.
  • TroubleMaker venues and community. TroubleMaker is located right Smack in the middle of Huaqiangbei, the world’s largest electronics and components market. Members have workspace right on top of one of the market buildings and three laboratories equipped with everything needed to bring a product to life. They may attend seminars and take part in Shenzhen’s vibrant tech community.

There is in fact much more included. The e-membership service will officially launch on August 6th, 2019, and starting from the 17th of July the CEO of TroubleMaker, Henk Werner will host weekly live video events to connect to the community and raise the curtains bit by bit. During this period, early supporters can access unique services and prizes by inviting others to join the launch campaign.

About TroubleMaker

After three years, hundreds of members and over 15.000 visitors, TroubleMaker is firmly established as a dynamic, community-driven workspace in Shenzhen, the world’s most fertile hardware ecosystem. Its mission is to connect and empower like-minded entrepreneurs and hardware developers who support one another and create imaginative solutions that improve people’s lives.